Aiesha Eastling

Meet Aiesha Eastling. This nurse and mother of four is joining the Body By Vi 90-Day Fitness and Weightloss Challenge hosted by Marcus Made Me Fit.

Aiesha’s weight has fluctuated throughout the years. She’s no stranger to exercise and though she has been able to lose weight, maintaining the loss has been difficult. However, joining the Challenge will allow her to develop better eating habits and hit her regular workout stride.

“I work in the medical field and it’s time that I get healthy for me and my family. Oh, and I just want to look hot,’ she said with a laugh.

Aiesha is ready to change her life through Body By Vi.

For an increase in motivation, Aiesha, of Connecticut, has decided to turn her Challenge into a competition. She will participate in a Biggest Loser style competition against Massachusetts business owner Natasha Clark.

 She has known Natasha for quite a few years and she believes the friendly-competition is what they both need to get in gear. The women will officially weigh in at Anytime Fitness Westfield this week and subsequently, every two weeks for the next 90 days.

 “I love Natasha, but not for the next 90 days. The gloves are off,” she said with a smile.

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